Mediterranean Life

Best Beaches in Antibes

Plage de la Salis, one of the many gorgeous beaches in Antibes

There are literally hundreds of incredible beaches to explore within a close drive of Villa des Parfums.  Spending an afternoon at the beach is one of our favorite ways to relax, and amazingly the climate here allows for beach activities most of the year – we swim in the sea from April until October! Antibes is one of our favorite destinations where there’s many beautiful beaches to suit all tastes and moods.  The Cap d’Antibes is absolutely stunning and worth exploring. If you like a sandy beach La Plage de …

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Jasmine in the Perfume Capital

Jasmine at Villa des Parfums

I have always enjoyed perfume, I think like most women, in a fairly typical manner, but since moving to Grasse, the World Perfume Capital in 2007, my love for perfume has reached a whole new dimension! Many aspects of our life rhythms here in Grasse revolve around the flower and perfume industry, so you really can’t avoid becoming at least mildly interested in the whole world of Perfume. Throughout the year on the Cote d’Azur, different flowers are harvested during different seasons. February it’s Mimosa, March it’s Violets, May is …

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Grasse Rose Festival, 8 – 10 May 2015

Grasse Roses

A Grasse, c’est la Vie en Rose! One of my absolutely favorite things about springtime in the Perfume Capital is the annual Rose Festival, when the streets of Grasse are adorned with tens of thousands of Roses!   Every year I look forward to this fragrance-filled event, when our beautiful town is bedecked with incredible displays and bouquets of roses everywhere you turn; it’s a spectacular feast for all the senses! 2015 marks the 45th year of this annual rose celebration, where competing horticulturists put their stunning creations on display …

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Olive Oil

Nets ready for the Olive Harvest at a nearby Olive Grove

When I was a child, growing up in Scotland, olive oil wasn’t part of our household vocabulary. I can actually remember, the first time that I ever heard of it, was when my aunt and uncle had spent a year living in Italy, and brought back some ‘extra virgin olive oil’ to Scotland for my parents, I was 16 or 17 years old. I still remember their excitement to share their delicious discovery with us, and I can remember too, my very first taste, as they taught us the Mediterranean …

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Favorite Date on Cap d’Antibes

Running Cap d'Antibes

At different seasons in our lives, Vincent and I have had our favorites dates. Back in the day when we were first married (circa 1999) and living in Glasgow, Scotland, our favorite Friday night date was taking a picnic to the cinema! We used to bring wine, glasses and all kinds of lovely treats that we would enjoy while we watched the movie! It was so much fun! I think the people sitting around us thought that we were crazy, or maybe they envied our carefree spirit, but it was …

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Running with the BOB Stroller

Running with BOB Stroller

In the 15 years that we’ve been together, Vincent and I have always been runners.  We both love running and wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, running together is something that’s always been a part of our relationship.  In fact, at this stage in our lives, running has become our barometer of how well we’re doing at taking some time out.  If we are managing to run together regularly, that’s become a good sign for us that we’re not overly busy and maxed out, but during seasons when weeks go …

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Lemons, Oranges & Eating Produce in Season


Something else that is becoming my new-normal, is the glorious Mediterranean produce in the Villa des Parfums garden, which despite our minimal gardening enterprise, is apparently flourishing.  Lemons galore and oranges (yes – we have oranges) thrive under the Mediterranean sun and all winter long I freshly squeeze juice from our own homegrown citrus fruits!  As you can imagine, wandering out to our trees in pyjamas, choosing and squeezing oranges before school is a daily practice unthinkable for a Scot! The joy of eating fruit and veg ‘in season’ makes …

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Mediterranean Climate


Having grown up and lived my whole life in Scotland until we moved to Southern France in 2006, grey-cold-rainy was my normal.  Surely because of this background, all year round here in Grasse, I constantly marvel (and thank God) for this incredible Mediterranean climate.  As you can imagine, it’s been a trial to learn to adjust to living in such a climate!  Here’s some examples: Sunshine in Winter.  Every single month of the year, just a handful of kilometers from Villa des Parfums, people are laying, sunbathing, in bikinis – …

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