7 Reasons why you’ll LOVE our Pool

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When selecting the perfect accommodation for your summer holiday, the swimming pool is often high-up on the list of priorities.  The Villa des Parfums pool is beautiful, an ideal size, perfectly situated and meticulously maintained.  Here are 7 reasons why you’ll love the Villa des Parfums pool:

1. Swimming

The Villa des Parfums pool is actually large enough to really swim in!  By no means an olympic size lap-pool, but certainly not a paddling pool either!  It’s generous dimensions 8,5 x 4 meters (28 x 13 feet) provide plenty of space for all the family to swim, play, cool down and splash around.

2. Sunbathing

The large paved area all around the pool is perfect for sun-lovers!  At Villa des Parfums we provide pool towels, comfortable sun loungers and sun umbrellas, so whether it’s sun or shade that you’re seeking, you will be in your element!  Our pool is south facing, so there’s maximum sun exposure all day and into the evening, and this also means that the water temperature heats up very nicely.

Enjoy some drinks by the pool

Enjoy some drinks by the pool


3. Security

If you have younger children, this will be your No.1 priority, a safe pool that your kids can’t access unaccompanied.  The Villa des Parfums pool is surrounded by a security barrier and that meets the French legal safety requirements.  It also has a tri-latch, self-closing safety gate at 1,50m high, so there’s no way that young children can reach it, or open it!  This allows for a stress free summer!

Villa des Parfums Pool

4. Privacy

Thanks to Vincent’s hard work and creative landscaping, the pool is not only surrounded by fragrant jasmin and lavender, but there is also high hedging surrounding the pool that provides for total privacy.

5. Midnight Swim

The Villa des Parfums pool is equipped with an underwater light, which not only looks gorgeous when lit up, but it makes night time summer swimming both safe and really fun!  Many of our guests love hanging out by the pool at night too, sipping cocktails and taking in the spectacular views.  It’s gorgeous by day or by night!

Villa des Parfums Pool


6. Immaculately Kept

At Villa des Parfums it is our goal is to provide our guests with beautiful, immaculately kept surroundings.  We clean the pool, the sun loungers and the patio daily – early in the mornings so as not to impinge on your privacy or enjoyment of the pool – and as one of our guests recently reviewed online ‘…I’ve never seen a swimming pool so clean and inviting…’

7. Easily accessible for non-swimmers

Villa des Parfums Pool

Easy access with gradual steps into the pool

At the shallow end of the pool there are gradual steps down into the water that also provide an underwater seating area.  This makes access easy and stress free for non-swimmers who want to be in the water, but never out of their depth.  It’s also fantastic for young children as it provides a safe and shallow area to play.

Whether or not the swimming pool is high up on your list of priorities, we’re confident that you will appreciate the stunning Mediterranean views as spend time relaxing by the Villa des Parfums pool.  To enhance your enjoyment of the pool, we have a trampoline that serves as a fun spring-board for adventurous kids, and we also rent high quality adult size inflatable floating mattresses.

Villa des Parfums