Nicole, originally from Scotland, and Vincent, French, became the owners of Villa des Parfums in 2007, thanks to the generous help of an entrepreneurial friend, who believed in their vision to develop a first class business that would enable them to pursue their dream of making a tangible difference in the lives of the marginalized youth in their town. Parfums de Vie

In 2008 they founded a local charity, ‘Parfums de Vie’ (Fragrance of Life), whose goal is to improve the lives and opportunities available for the underprivileged children and youth of Grasse, through a variety of educational programs and activities.  Their work with the children soon brought to their attention the acute needs of the parents, and Parfums de Vie is also engaged in Adult Education, Leadership Development, Advocacy and Community & Integration projects.  Parfums de Vie also runs a Furniture and Clothing Recycling Initiative that benefits the many needy families of Grasse.

Parfums de Vie


Nicole and Vincent believe that they can make a difference for tomorrow through investing in the youth of today, and since its conception in 2008, Parfums de Vie has impacted hundreds of children and families, and become known as a force for good in Grasse and beyond.

Parfums de Vie

By choosing to stay at Villa des Parfums, you are not only providing the necessary resources for Nicole and Vincent to continue their important work in the local community, but you are directly impacting the future for the young people of Grasse.



In their spare time, you will find Nicole cooking and baking, as she never knows who will turn up for dinner!  Vincent is a keen photographer and hill walker, and along with their 6 year old son, Etienne, their favorite way to relax is running and cycling on one of the many fabulous and picturesque routes right here on their doorstep.

Parfums de Vie