Favorite Date on Cap d’Antibes

Running Cap d'Antibes

At different seasons in our lives, Vincent and I have had our favorites dates. Back in the day when we were first married (circa 1999) and living in Glasgow, Scotland, our favorite Friday night date was taking a picnic to the cinema! We used to bring wine, glasses and all kinds of lovely treats that we would enjoy while we watched the movie! It was so much fun! I think the people sitting around us thought that we were crazy, or maybe they envied our carefree spirit, but it was …

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Running with the BOB Stroller

Running with BOB Stroller

In the 15 years that we’ve been together, Vincent and I have always been runners.  We both love running and wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, running together is something that’s always been a part of our relationship.  In fact, at this stage in our lives, running has become our barometer of how well we’re doing at taking some time out.  If we are managing to run together regularly, that’s become a good sign for us that we’re not overly busy and maxed out, but during seasons when weeks go …

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