Perfume Capital

Jasmine in the Perfume Capital

Jasmine at Villa des Parfums

I have always enjoyed perfume, I think like most women, in a fairly typical manner, but since moving to Grasse, the World Perfume Capital in 2007, my love for perfume has reached a whole new dimension! Many aspects of our life rhythms here in Grasse revolve around the flower and perfume industry, so you really can’t avoid becoming at least mildly interested in the whole world of Perfume. Throughout the year on the Cote d’Azur, different flowers are harvested during different seasons. February it’s Mimosa, March it’s Violets, May is …

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Grasse Rose Festival, 8 – 10 May 2015

Grasse Roses

A Grasse, c’est la Vie en Rose! One of my absolutely favorite things about springtime in the Perfume Capital is the annual Rose Festival, when the streets of Grasse are adorned with tens of thousands of Roses!   Every year I look forward to this fragrance-filled event, when our beautiful town is bedecked with incredible displays and bouquets of roses everywhere you turn; it’s a spectacular feast for all the senses! 2015 marks the 45th year of this annual rose celebration, where competing horticulturists put their stunning creations on display …

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