Running with the BOB Stroller

by May 26, 2014Mediterranean Life, Running4 comments

In the 15 years that we’ve been together, Vincent and I have always been runners.  We both love running and wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, running together is something that’s always been a part of our relationship.  In fact, at this stage in our lives, running has become our barometer of how well we’re doing at taking some time out.  If we are managing to run together regularly, that’s become a good sign for us that we’re not overly busy and maxed out, but during seasons when weeks go by between each run, it’s a sure sign that our schedule is too full, and family time is therefore suffering. It’s interesting that something that started as a hobby and a way to keep in shape, has become a measure of health in how we’re doing as a family. It’s no longer about keeping fit or in shape, for us now it’s about spending time together, doing something that we both love, a shared experience that allows us to connect.


When our son Etienne was born in 2008, we wanted to keep running together, so we invested in a BOB stroller for running. Having lived in the USA for 6 months in 2006, we had often seen people running with BOB Strollers and although it wasn’t something we had seen much of in Europe, we loved the idea that we could keep running as a family. At the time, when we began running with our tiny bundle of a joy, I never imagined that we would still be running today, with our BOB filled with a huge six year old in tow! And perhaps more amazingly, is that he STILL loves to be pushed in his BOB stroller, as we run! So even although Etienne hasn’t needed his stroller for a long time, it’s always in the boot of the car, and at least twice a week (if we’re keeping a healthy and manageable schedule) we run as a family!


Over the past six years, we’ve traveled the world with our BOB. We have literally run thousands of kilometers across dozens of countries, our BOB has survived the man-handling on hundreds of flights and is still in amazing shape today. Yes, the colors have faded and it’s more than a little worn, but our BOB is still in amazing shape and continues to serve us well.


Our most exotic runs were in the Caribbean on the island of St. Martin (10th wedding anniversary trip in 2009). Our most adventurous runs were definitely in Tunisia, North Africa, where we were gawked at in disbelief, and had to stop to let sheep pass every now and then! Our coldest runs were of course in my native Scotland and perhaps the prettiest were during fall in the Smoky Mountains! Other memorable runs were along Lake Michigan in Chicago and the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. We have also had fun running in Paris, London, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Texas, Portland and Ohio!!!


However, my absolutely favorite place to run is right here, on the Cote d’Azur. I never tire of our run of choice, a 9k circuit around the stunning Cap d’Antibes. No matter the season, the views of mountains and Mediterranean are spectacular and my soul is refreshed as I take in the sights and smells of this incredible part of the world, running along side my partner and best friend, with our boy in tow.


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